As in the real world, location, location, location is of paramount importance if you want to maximize your earnings with ayboll.

Advertisements perform very differently based upon their location on a given page. Always make sure to place the ayboll widget strategically as this makes it far easier to increase CTR (click through rates) and thereby your income, even when your site’s traffic stays constant.

ayboll is a native advertising widget, which means it blends in natively with your content and when placed correctly, does not look too intrusive (like banners do). To get this “native ad” effect, we strongly recommend that you place the ayboll widget code underneath your articles, this is the most strategic place for ayboll and it will deliver best results in this position.

Underneath the article, the ayboll widget, combined with the text “You May Like” or “Recommended for you” will look to your readers less like advertising and more like an integral piece of content from your site. This will cause more of your readers to click the ayboll ads, thereby increasing your CTR and maximizing your potential earnings.