Our policy team will reject ads that are not compliant with our network best practices. The most common reasons for ad rejections include:

1. Image is the wrong size / layout – Image size should be 750px minimum width and 395px minimum height and should be landscape rectangular in shape (not portrait!)

2. Text on images

3. Poor grammar / spelling

4. Excessive use of symbols or emojis

5. Excessive capitalization e.g. TOP 5 FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD

6. Advert text is too long (more than 40 characters)

7. Advert text is in a foreign language to the country you are targeting (e.g. use of Thai language in the text in a campaign targeted at people in the USA)

Bear in mind that our policy team does not want to reject ads but must do this in order to keep the network running at its best.

If you want to read more about advert best practices please click here.