Here is a simple guide on how to create an advert on

1. After you have set your campaign name, daily budget, CPC, target country, device etc. you will get to the advert creation stage. To begin, paste your target URL into the box and click on the ‘Add+’ button. Each URL you paste will create 1 advert, so if you want to create 4 different adverts, paste the URL into the box 4 times:

2. The system will automatically create ads from the URLs you have added. So in our example above it will now look like this:

3. As you can see, each title and thumbnail image is the same for all 4 URLs, because in this example we used the same URL. In order to create different adverts and improve your click through rate, you need to change the thumbnail by clicking on it and then upload different images, for example:

4. To add even more variety, you can also change the Title of each advert simply by clicking on it and editing it. For example:

* Please note that we will reject adverts without titles, or adverts that are not created in the proper format.

For more information on advert best practices and to learn what is allowed / not allowed, click here.